Should you be experiencing a hearing loss, however slight, it may be time to have your hearing checked.


Physician's Hearing Center (PHC) is a full service hearing clinic in Dothan, AL. PHC is one of the many divisions of ENTcare. Since 1977, a team of audiologists and ENT physicians has been committed to giving patients the best hearing health care possible. Our team consists of three ENT physicians, two audiologists, and an excellent support staff. Our team provides comprehensive hearing loss testing for adults and children including newborns. We are experienced in all forms of hearing aids and assistive listening devicesand PHC specializes in digital hearing aids - from affordable entry level to state of the art models. 


Meet our audiologists:

Gracie Herndon

             Gracie T. Herndon, AuD, CCC-A

Julie Ann Rikard

                         Julie Ann Rikard, AuD, CCC-A


Meet our audiology assistants:

                       Amy Farmer

                        Judy Dixon

Audiology calendar of events:  Under development

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