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The ear is made up of three parts; outer, middle, and inner.  The most common medical problem is an infection of the middle ear.

The middle ear is the small part of your ear behind your eardrum. It can get infected when germs from the nose and throat are trapped there. A small tube connects your ear to your throat. These two tubes are called eustachian tubes (say "yoo-STAY-shee-un"). A cold can cause this tube to swell. When the tube swells enough to become blocked, it can trap fluid inside your ear. This makes it a perfect place for germs to grow and cause an infection. Medications are used for treatment and, in some cases, surgery. 

Ear surgery is commonly performed on children and adults to treat persistent ear infections,conductive hearing loss, unhealed perforated eardrums, congenital ear defects, and tumors.


Some examples of these surgeries:


Ø      Myringotomy and ear tube surgery - performed to drain ear fluid and prevent ear infections when antibiotics don't work or when ear infections are chronic.

Ø      Tympanoplasty - performed to reconstruct the eardrum after partial or total conductive hearing loss, usually caused by chronic middle ear infections, or perforations that do not heal on their own.

Ø     Mastoidectomy - performed when the ear continues to remain infected. It is useful for removing infected tissue from the bone cavities surrounding the ear.



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